Student Nomination Story

Good evening, Teachers have one the most important jobs in this world. They are responsible for molding the minds of our future. Mr. John Cabey is exceptional beyond words. He is the science teacher/ head of the STEM club at my daughters high school Lincoln Park in Chicago. She stumbled upon this club and it has literally changed her life in so many ways. This is mainly due to the support and guidance of Mr. Cabey. He donates his time and sometimes his own funds for his students. I have never seen some more passionate about their students then him. He takes the time to be their friend and mentor. He opens up their minds to topics taught at the graduate school level. He takes the time to review research studies, assist them with writing abstracts, helping them enter academia conferences and most of all he donates his time after school. This includes field trips and even conferences out of state. My daughter has been able to accomplish so many things that just literally take my breath away. She is doing things I only dreamed of at her age. I had Katelyn when I was 17 years old and a junior in high school. I urged her to join clubs and get involved so that she would not follow the same path I did. She has already been accepted to several colleges and has received some scholarships just based on her academic performance. As she graduates this year we want to do something special for Mr. Cabey. We want to leave a legacy or gift that can only enrich this club that has done so much for my daughter. Mr. Cabey is so special to us we just want to give him something really anything to show him our appreciation. Thank you kindly for your time and consideration. Nastassja Williams

Katelyn Shelton

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