Student Nomination Story

Mr. Ball taught me not only about academics but also how to be a good student. Mr. Ball taught me things I didn’t even know existed! He is an amazing teacher and deserves the world.

Arianna Kon

Mr. Ball is a very kind and understanding teacher who, I'm sure, has helped many kids improve their learning in history. He has helped me even when my grade was dropping and he taught my to be the best you can be, not to be better than anyone else, but for yourself. He's shown me that if you try your best, you'll succeed but the only thing that comes out of quitting is regret and failure. He is kind to everyone around him and he makes teaching fun and turns it into a way we will remember so we can do our best.

Alivia Turner

Mr.Ball is a very kind and caring teacher and also finds a way to make history fun. He can be strict at times but only because he wants us to succeed. He is one of the few teachers with a sense of humor and is constantly trying to make our day.

Dave Stols

Mr. ball is a great teacher, everyone loves him. He makes history fun and exciting to go to. He always knows who to make someone laugh and we always have a good time with him. He knows how it feels to be put under a lot of stress with school or home life and he makes sure we know he is here for us and that if we need anything we can go to him. I remember when i hurt my knee Mr.ball made sure i was ok and had other student get another chair for me to put my foot up, no other teacher did that for me. Mr.ball really cares for his students. He even eats lunch with us, he ever fails to make us smile. We love you Mr.Ball!!

jessica carbone

My teacher has changed my life in many significant ways. In elementary school social studies was really boring but when I met Mr. Ball In 6th grade he changed my opinion on history. Mr. Ball is an outstanding teacher, not only does he teach the class, he entertains it with his sense of humor. When I found out that I had him for U.S history in 8th grade I was really excited. Mr. Ball is also my favorite teacher that I have ever had and thanks to him I like history.

Craig Allard jr

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