Student Nomination Story

Mr. Block is an amazing teacher and completely changed my view of math. His methods of teaching are extremely effective. He makes the learning environment fun, exciting, and secure. Mr. Block taught me so much during my one year of Honors Algebra with him. Furthermore, not only did I learn these many things, but the knowledge stuck with me. He teaches by making the classroom fun; a place where students feel excited as they enter through the door. Mr. Block often created little rhymes or songs that helped me and my classmates remember key factors or rules in math (for example, the "Get the greatest common factor out, out, out!" song). Additionally, Mr. Block was such an inspirational teacher for me because he taught in the best way possible. On every feedback form I get (to write about a teacher and their learning strategies), I always write: "I learn through fun. When I am having fun and enjoying the class, then I will remember the material taught to me." Mr. Block did just that. Mr. Block is a good communicator. Whenever I had a question, he would explain very clearly and understandably. Furthermore, if I was doing homework after school and emailed him a question, he would respond very timely (normally less than ten minutes after I sent the email). His classes were not rushed or stressful. He was organized and therefore, us students were never caught off-guard with a test soon that we were unprepared for. Mr. Block worked through problems with us and helped us structure our notes in an effective way (red ink for important, black for rules, blue for examples, and green for graphs). Once, I did poorly on a test revolving around fractions. Instead of telling me to work harder or study longer, he pulled me aside after class and said, "Chloe, fractions are not your friends right now, but they should be. How about we meet during lunch so I can help you review how fractions work?" I always remember this conversation because it showed me that he cared about his students, and their success in school is always his goal. Aside from teaching math, Mr. Block was a kind and caring person. I could talk to him whenever I needed to, he was open and truly connected to his students. He respected you, and therefore, it was easy to give your respect back. Also, Mr. Block was involved in school outside of the math classroom. He organized fun grade-wide events; like the rock, paper, scissors tournament (while learning about the topic of probability). The winner of this tournament would get to ride in a limo with some friends after school. He also performed in teachers skits during advisory/homeroom sessions, demonstrating confidence to the students. I have moved now and changed schools. However, I have always remembered Mr. Block as the best math teacher I ever had. He increased my passion for math and his teaching was thorough. Many times in my new school, when students ask me how I am so "good" or confident in math, I always credit it to a fantastic previous math teacher: Mr. Block. I will always remember his teaching style, and unfortunately, I will always be comparing my new teachers to him (no one has been as good a teacher as him yet!). Mr. Block is a caring, effective, and inspirational teaching who sparked my passion for math. His impact has and will continue to influence my study choices for the future.

Chloe Mills

Mr. Block was always a legend before I was in 8th grade. Everyone always informed me that he was the math teacher I wanted to have. I generally have doubts when people talk about teachers like this. Generally, it means that they don't give homework or that it is just an easy class, this was not the case with Mr. Block. He knew my name as soon as I entered the room. This was just the start of my journey with Mr. Block. Mr. Block uses three different teaching methods all at once, allowing visual, auditory, kinesthetic learners all to understand. He did little things that engaged the class. To teach us "Greatest Factor First," he made a song that the entire class still remembers. Before giving us the notes, Mr. Block would sing a few himself. This was just one example of the countless puns he played with through out the year. These little jokes seem frivolous, but the entire class would get into them and it would make his room a better place. On π day (3/14), Mr. Block made a celebration, where we presented different mathematical concepts to the other grades at the middle school. This was a pretty easy assignment, but it made everyone stressed just because they wanted to make Mr. Block proud. Mr. Block, with his decades of experience, was amazing at teaching, but that wasn't what changed me. Mr. Block cared for the students in a way no one else did. In the mornings, many kids did not receive breakfast, so Mr. Block established Breakfast Club, where students would both receive help with math and he would provide them with food to start their day. I was fortunate enough to never face hunger, but Mr. Block helped me in a different way. I applied to Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in the fall and was accepted. This was a much more prestigious, but also a much more stressful school. I was scared and did not know which school to go to. I found guidance with Mr. Block. Whenever anyone had an issue, Mr. Block was always the first one to go to for help. He took me aside and let me know what to expect. He never told me what to do, but helped me make a decision on what school to go to. After seeing the struggle I faced choosing which school to go to last year, he made a program where he would ask kids who previously had to make the choice to advise the students who just got accepted. This year I went back to his class to advise the 8th graders who just got accepted. Mr. Block was the same, always looking out for the students and helping them on their journey. Mr. Block was one of the first big influencers of my life. He led by a model of who a good, genuine person is does the same for every person.

Hunter Hicks

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