Student Nomination Story

I was out fishing on a summer day when all of the sudden I dropped a fishing pole into Beaver Lake, in Wisconsin. It was a super expensive fishing pole. I jumped into the water to see if I could catch it before it sank to the bottom. Sadly, I wasn’t able to get it. I looked up on the boat and everyone was laughing at me. However I wasn’t laughing because it wasn’t my fishing pole…It was Joe’s. And it wasn’t just any fishing pole, it was his favorite one. He has taken it to Canada, and all around the United States to catch fish. Joe Schaefer is my friend's dad. He was my coach for three years in the St. Charles church basketball league. He didn’t only focus on winning basketball games, he just wanted us to have fun and become better people throughout the season. He is a great role model and teacher. With that said, I’m near convinced he is an eighteen year old with a mask on. Everyone loves him, and he is one of the funniest people I know. I will never forget all the fun we had at practice. When I first met Joe, I called him Mr. Schaefer. Then I became more comfortable with him, so I started to call him Joe. I don’t view him as my friend's dad, I view him as another friend. He is one of the boys. He has taken me to Milwaukee Bucks games, Green Bay Packers games, and more. He is always ready to have fun and give everybody a good time. Joe has shown me to not be so hard on myself, and to have a little fun in life. Before my friends and I got our boaters license and could drive the boat, he would always get off of work a little early to come drive the boat for us. He helped show me that there is more to life than your daily job and being stressed all the time. He would take us fishing and tubing, no matter what the time was. One time I slept over at the Schaefer’s house and we woke up at seven in the morning to go fishing, because that was when we would get the most bites. He knew the best spots on Beaver lake to fish. Joe knew this lake like the back of his hand. He could put us on fish with his eyes closed. Joe helped improve my golf game miraculously as well. He is a member at Chenequa country club, and my family is members at the Legend golf club. I have played golf with Joe a number of times. Whether it is a competitive match or just having fun, he always gives me pointers if I am doing something wrong or playing bad. He can watch my swing, find out what I am doing wrong, and fix it. Joe can pretty much coach anything. He can always make people better. Whether it is basketball, golf, fishing, or anything else, he is always there to give a helping hand. Joe has had a huge impact on my life for a huge number of reasons. He is like superman minus the tights. I appreciate everything he has done for me, and I cannot wait to make more memories with him and my friends in the future. However, he still finds ways to make fun of me for losing his fishing pole in Beaver Lake.

Andrew Mayhew

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