Student Nomination Story

I had Mr. Peck last year as my history teacher. He didn’t give many written tests and quizzes, but he was always giving projects. These projects made me really think about things and the way they were in the past rather than just memorizing vocabulary words and writing them on a piece of paper and never using them again. These projects helped me grow academically because in order to get a good grade, I would need to research the topic quite a lot and have a good idea of what it is. I still remember some of my projects as a ninth grader. I don’t remember my english vocabulary quizzes but I remember Mr. Peck’s projects. Discussions were also another big thing we did in his class. We would read some type of passage and discuss it with the class. This also made me really think about the different viewpoints that different people had on life and it helped me become better at debating and discussing topics. He also emotionally helped his students through eighth grade. He would always offer his lunches to sit and talk with a student, especially if he knew that they were having a hard time in his class or anybody else’s class. He assured me personally quite a few times that he would always be there if I needed someone to talk to. He also boosted my confidence in my writing, he told me multiple times how much my writing had improved throughout the year and supported me in my writing and helped out when my group was having a hard time with something. I really liked the freedom I had in his class as well. It gave us as students the opportunity to pick a topic that interested us. That freedom definitely caused me to like the class more because we weren’t forced to write and copy specific things. I think that in 8th grade, I grew academically and emotionally and some of that definitely had to do with Mr. Peck’s class.

Danica luzak

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