Student Nomination Story

We raise our great grand daughter (11 yrs old) with some pretty significant needs. Aubrey is diagnosed with ADHD, Sensory, Tourette's , Anxiety, PTSD Behavioral Disorder, Social Deficiency, and other medical concerns that make Aubrey's quality of life very difficult. Jodi Copus started working with Aubrey several years back. Jodi is not only Aubrey's Special Ed teacher but also a person that generally cares about kids with or without special needs. Jodi and Aubrey have a very special bond and Aubrey looks at Jodi, not only as her teacher but also her friend. Aubrey has many social issues and this is just one of the many challenges Aubrey faces on a daily basis. Jodi works with Aubrey in a way that she can get things across to Aubrey. Jodi does not take credit for her teaching style with Aubrey. Even when we tell her what she means to all of us, she will tell us it has nothing to do with her. Jodi tells us it is because of how we are raising Aubrey and that we have a good team. We really try to give Aubrey the best life she can possibly have. With all Aubrey has been through in her 11 years of life is something no child she have to go through. The pandemic has been horrible on Aubrey to deal with. The confinement has taken a whole new level of behaviors and isolating herself. Jodi helps us through burdens that we deal with on a day to day basis. She does this not only to help us but also to show that Aubrey struggles with virtual learning due her many learning disabilities. Jodi saw the stress this was putting on our family and fought for Aubrey to get back into the school building. While she was doing the virtual learning at home, it was Jodi Copus who dropped off additional school work. She was also so understanding of material or subjects being too difficult to lean in an online environment. Jodi Copus was the one to come pick up Aubrey during the summer to take her on bike rides. Jodi knows Aubrey so well and really does know what works best for her. She is an amazing teacher and we cannot say thank you enough for the continual support and caring nature she has shown with the kids at Irving Pertzsch. Due to our age it is not always easy to deal with such a strong minded individual, but we somehow get through. This is because Jodi is our angel above and we know we can contact her whenever we need. Aubrey does not always follow through well with directions, so getting her up and off to school has really been hard everyone in our family. I will generally send an email to Jodi letting her know when things get too out of hand in the mornings. One time, Jodi came to pick Aubrey up at 8:30am for school because she was upset and refusing to comply. This incredible woman has other kids, but she will take the time to come pick up Aubrey when she knows Aubrey needs that support. This is completely unheard of. Seriously, who does that??? I can tell you that this is a woman that is so respected by all and loves what she does in life. Aubrey has so much respect for Jodi and loves her. Jodi is always up for a challenge and is always thinking of ways to make things better for these kids. She, of course, comes up with so many remarkable ideas. Jodi should be nominated so others will see what we already know. Sincerely, Bernie and Pat Niedercorn

Aubrey Nelson-Koski

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