Student Nomination Story

My teacher has changed my life in multiple ways. For one, she takes bullying very seriously and isn’t mean to the bully. However, she does tell the bully to quit what they are doing and makes sure to watch them during recess and other activities. She has always welcomed me with a smile and a hello. She makes sure to take time to help the students that are struggling with work. Even during bad times like the pandemic, she has found ways to make everyone happy. She give everyone a reason to be happy when entering her classroom. During this pandemic, I’ve realized that she has made the best of everything she can. She makes fun activities for us to do, so I was very excited to come back to in person school. Before this year I was not happy with going in person to school, but she has made me change my mindset. She has done so much for me. She doesn’t expect things back from any student. She has been an amazing teacher, so amazing, that I told my mom that I want to stay in 5th grade forever!

Aubrey Wells

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