Student Nomination Story

Mrs. Folsom has went out of her way to help me succeed with my behaviors. I am learning to express my feelings and make friends. I have been struggling with this on a daily basis. Mrs. Folsom has come up with unique and different ways to help me succeed. She has also helped me learn to calm down when I'm angry. Has communicated with my mothers permission to my therapist outside of school and helped me find time to talk with the guidance counselor at our school. I still have my hard days but Mrs. Folsom has really went out of her way to try and help me succeed in every way possible. She wants to make sure I do not fall behind in school due to these behaviors that interrupt my learning so she communicates openly with my mom and dad and sends books home for me to ready. Everything Mrs. Folsom has done has helped me grow as a student, friend, and son. She has really helped me develop my skills of becoming aware of others feelings and my own. Each day is a challenge but thanks to Mrs. Folsom it is getting easier and easier.

Bryar Hastings

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