Student Nomination Story

I have a counselor who helped me with the problems during my sophomore year at Arrowhead High School. I struggled with my grades, my interest, and my language barrier since I am from China. But since I became a junior last year, I got into a different campus (we have two campuses in Arrowhead: one for 9th and 10th grades, one for 11th and 12th grades), which means I will have a new counselor that I wasn’t ready for. At first I could still deal with not having a counselor to keep me in track, I thought I could figure things out by myself, but I will be applying to the college next year, and I don’t have much information about it, and I also have problems with communication and passion, I am just like a stick that fell off the tree, stood there and waiting to be moved by the wind. Then my new counselor Mrs. Bohrman appears. She’s a kind lady with glasses and short hair. at the point where I am really struggling with pretty much everything. She called me out during my study hall, and talked to me about the things that I am having problem with. She shares her study technique with me while I am struggling with history, after I told her that the memorization of the details is my biggest enemy in history, she shares a way to memorized them: First is to cover the content that I want to remember, and see if I can memorize it instead of trying to read the whole thing over. That technique helped me out a lot on history and my other classes that require a good memorization on details such as env bio. She always keeps a positive attitude,talks softly and always has a smile on her face. She told me how to be more open and approachable to people, instead of not doing anything I should try to talk to others. I still remember that during that conversation, she smiles at me and says: “you should be the one that tries to talk to others, because if you don’t put in the effort, the others won’t do it either.” After that conversation I started to be more approachable to others, and I did gain some friendship for doing it, all thanks to Mrs.Bohrman. Mrs. Bohrman is an educator with great patients, kind and positive attitude and a smart person. She guided me through a lot of things and I truly appreciate her for doing so much for me.

Chuyi Wu

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