Student Nomination Story

Ms. Crystal is a really energetic, fun, and kind. She makes even math, (which I don't normally like) so fun and interesting. She will check my work and say,"wonderful!" or, "super!", which really makes me happy. If she isn't that satisfied she doesn't say so. She says, "Is there anything you could change and make better?" For example, just this morning, I for some reason was not doing my best handwriting when we were working in our handwriting books. I said,"Ms. Crystal! I'm done!" She came over and looked at my work. "Are there two words you can change and make better?" "Yes." I decided. "I suppose so." She walked away to check in with another classmate. I fixed two words. Now, I raised my hand. Ms. Crystal came over. "hhmm. Are there some more words you can fix?" I did. That goes to show my teacher is kind, even if I do something wrong. She says a lot of funny things too. This year has been hard, but Ms. Crystal guides me through it, all. Lastly, Ms. Crystal gives me confidence in everything. She is such a great teacher for me, and I know many more people in my class think so as well. This great teacher gives me so many joys in my life.

Claire Geltzer

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