Student Nomination Story

If I can summarize this teacher in one sentence I would say: “ There are angels in heaven and She is an angel on earth.” My son struggled in the past in the classrooms because he was very sensitive and it made it hard for the teachers to deal with him. It was very frustrating to deal with him when he never wanted to admit he is at fault because he cared so much about what the teacher would think of him. I thought so many times about homeschooling him. Then I thought that I would give third grade a try. Ms. Wright seemed like a very nice teacher and just too sweet. She wasn’t just a very nice and sweet teacher she was also a very strict teacher in her own way. She was able to get my son to focus more in the classroom in her own gentle way. She helped my son go from being very emotional and sensitive to a student not afraid to admit his mistakes. I cried so many times out of happiness and appreciation. He became confidence and was able to focus more in the classroom. She never once made me feel like I am bad parent. She always made feel welcomed and she always appreciated me. She has her own way of Understanding My son’s frustration and was able to lift him up. She is simply amazing, an angle on earth! Thank you Ms Wright for being in our lives. My family is forever thankful for you!

Qusai Hantouli

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