Student Nomination Story

It all began when we met Mrs. Lauwers, my daughter's Kindergarten Teacher for the year. It was definitely an unusual situation with Covid-19 restrictions and distance learning protocols. What stood out most to me was Jessica's positive attitude about the new way we had to do things. She always greets the students with a smile along with a motivational tone. Her desire to teach her students shows in the way that she behaves. I nominate Jessica Lauwers not just because she is a great teacher but because of her strength and perseverance during a hard time in her personal life. I remember her telling me that she was going to do everything she could to be present for her students while her daughter was in the hospital getting treatment for a life threatening illness. The results are, she has! Day in and day out through all of this, Jessica is a hero. This my friends is why I believe she deserves to be recognized. Some would just give up but she hasn't. Thank you so much.

Savanna MetoxenBinstock

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