Student Nomination Story

Since I was younger I have always wanted to give people a second chance at life. I am very interested in working in the Emergency room but I’ve never exactly looked at the money I would make being a doctor, nor did I think about bills and how to live. Ms. Davey assigned my class a financial project. In this project we had to research the average pay, the cost of houses, cars, health insurance, and monthly expenses. We were taught how to calculate for the houses and cars that we could afford and given average monthly costs of bills, savings, and so much more. When doing this project I learned so much basic life skills when it comes to money and how credit cards work. As a class we learned so much related to savings accounts, 401k and several other ways to invest our money. We also learned about taxes, and the amount of money we actually have to pay every year. As a senior, I am about to leave the nest and find out how the world around me is working. I was not informed about anything financially and she gave us the ability to do just that. Ms. Davey allowed me to realize how hard my mom is constantly working to support my brother and I. She overall has been such a kind and understanding teacher. Every time a student has returned from an absence she has pulled them aside, in free time to teach them what they had missed instead of just letting them “figure it out”. In all of our units so far she has taught the class multiple ways to solve problems and allowed us to choose the way that works best for us. Ms. Davey also stays after school almost everyday for students that need the extra help and she also comes to school early. Every week Ms. Davey goes out of her way to honor a new student that has been working hard and is improving very well. On projects she writes notes including compliments, for example, she explained that I will be an amazing doctor due to my consideration of others. Her doing so put a smile on my face, realizing that others think I will do amazing too. Overall Ms. Davey is a caring teacher that is constantly working hard. She has truly impacted my life by giving me skills that I will be using in just a short few months. Thank you for taking your time to read my story with the amazing math teacher I am able to learn from and taking her into consideration.

Sarah Sullivan

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