Student Nomination Story

When I had Mrs. Arthur in seventh grade (she teaches 8th grade this year), she was one of the best (and coolest) teachers ever. Mrs. Arthur would share stories in her 'book of life', and some of those includes: her 9/11 experience at the San Francisco University, her beliefs in ghosts, her readings of Stephen King's book IT, and her dislike of teaching Kindergarten. Besides sharing, she also loves hearing what people have to say, like memes students found on social media, recent news, or anything that has happened. She makes everyone feel included, recognized, and appreciated. Even the more stubborn students, she will make strong connections with them, and these students enjoy Mrs. Arthur's class as well! Mrs. Arthur also makes learning FUN. FUN, she would make math kessons interactive, gives us a somewhat large amount of essays (but they were fun) in ELA, and allows us to snack (like crazy) in class. Mrs. Arthur would also let students come and party (not literally) in her class at lunch and recess, and she would talk to students that would love to socialize, and allow students to play card games. For school hosted talent show, she invited students to join her to dance "Bye Bye Bye", song by N'SYNC, which we spent months of practice in the classroom at recess and lunch. We did perform it, and to this day, it's pride in our hearts. (No other teacher in this universe would ever ask you to join them in Talent Show!) After the school year, I felt heartbroken of leaving her class, and I was more down hearted when I discovered that I would not be in her 8th grade class. However, this did not break our relations. Early in the school year, Mrs. Arthur asked if I wanted to attend and challenge for the Scientists For a Day hosted by JPL. (See, what type of teacher knows your interests and still introduces you to all these events and opportunities!) I agreed, and grabbed another friend of mine to submit the essay. (We have not heard back from JPL yet.) Right before winter, I found rather an interesting event, the ULA Payload Launch, where we make a payload, launch it, and land it on a target. I asked her if she can be our mentor, and she agreed, and says that she can help us buy the items for our payload as well. Not only did she agree to be the mentor of our project, she is also willing to take money out of her pocket to support our project! Now that's just amazing, for elementary/middle school teachers don't get paid a lot, yet Mrs. Arthur is still willing to spend the money on the payload. In my seventh grade experience I had in her class was fun and unique. Compared to every other teacher I've had, I made a painting for her, took notes of her 'stories', but most heart-touching experience was that I would not feel uncomfortable in sharing anything with her. Also, she made teaching FUN, I wanted to stay in her class all day, because of the enjoyment of the class! I did not have the experience with the other teachers I've had, and the teachers I am having currently! Mrs. Arthur makes everyone feel like home, a place where your stories would be heard, and someone that cares about you, and understands your interests (not saying that my home isn't like that--my parents act similarly like how Mrs. Arthur treats us, and that's why it's so special).

Ryan Lin

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