Student Nomination Story

My son was struggling with paying attention this year in class. I had no idea because when I would ask him how school was he would say that it was good. My son had never had a problem in school in the past. Mrs. Schulze reached out to me over Class Dojo and told me that my son was not listening in class. Not only was he not listening but he had taken on what sounded to be the class clown roll. I was very surprised at hearing this because as I said before my son has always loved school. This honestly really scared me as well because his mom and I had recently split up and how that would affect him was and still is always on my mind. I started asking Mrs. Schulze every day over Class Dojo how his day went so that any issues that cropped up could be addressed not only at school but at home as well. Not only did Mrs. Schulze respond every time but she took my son under her wing and helped guide him towards making good decisions and helped him with his interactions with other students. Personally I felt like I was being a pain messaging every day but Mrs. Schulze never wavered in helping. It took a couple of months but now my son is doing better than ever in all aspects of life. It may not sound like much in the end but bare in mind that our children are our world. Mrs. Schulze had a big hand in carving my son a new path to a brighter future. It's something that we should expect more but seem to see less and less so I think that it should be acknowledged.

Dane Brewer

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