Student Nomination Story

I am a high school senior who has been at my school for 7 years. My biggest concern before I met Mr. Lowe was that our previous band director was so revered that I was concerned I wouldn't connect. Having a new person coming in was concerning. Mr. Lowe special because he is lighthearted, supportive, and the grind never stops with him. He gives continuous encouragement. After having a full year with him, I noticed that the band improved so much, with such great encouragement, that he was a great teacher. Though I still missed the previous director, I became Mr. Lowe's biggest supporter. I love him. He inspires us to express ourselves through music. He has a cool, relaxed demeanor that helps students feel comfortable performing in his class. You always know that he cares for you no matter what. He is an accomplished musician himself, and helps students move out of their comfort zone to learn better. At the end of every jazz band class, he tells me how much I've improved as a musician and it makes me feel so good about myself. He also commends me for taking good care of my instrument. Being in his class feels like being at home. It's such a comfortable and safe space to take risks. I am grateful to Mr. Lowe because he allows us the time we need to improve, and everyone improves under his direction. I am grateful to him for allowing me to work with the 7th grade band this year as a teacher apprentice, and gain experience not only as a clarinetist but also a conductor. Because of the many opportunities and guests he brings into our classroom, it's opened my eyes to many things I can do as a musician. He is well deserving of this award! Thank you for your consideration.

Camille Patton

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