Student Nomination Story

Ms. Weaver By Ava Ramos. Grade 11 It was the beginning of Fifth grade. It was my first time being in a different class than last year (obviously) but since I had moved before I was put into the “smart” class by luck. The next year I ended up having to be in the ‘normal’ class, which wasn’t a big deal at all. Except for the fact that I didn’t know anyone. I still remember the first day of school. I was struggling to find my class. I didn’t see any of the same people from my previous class—so that made me sad, but I fell in love with the class. Unfortunately, one day she stopped showing up. Our class wasn’t the best class. It was a funny class of course, but we talked a lot and it resulted in leaving our subs to cry…with not many options left struggling to find a new teacher. We finally found Ms. Weaver. Ms. Weaver was an energetic and lighthearted teacher, one that wouldn’t let us talk back to her. (which was good….especially since we were a talkative class. She took the role as our teacher when we had no one left. Our class was terrible, we had made so many substitutes cry;it was awful. Though I know our class irritated her sometimes, she always continued teaching us and never backed down. With such a difficult transitioning year, she was the perfect fit for the role of our teacher. I still remember the stories she’d tell us after lunch. It was my favorite part of the day since we’d have a little more time to talk as a class instead of doing school work. I even remember when she mentioned she was entering the lottery, jokingly she said she’d give us all $100 of it if she won…and buy her dream car, a corvette. I really appreciated her work as a teacher. She helped me become the person I am today, and taught me that someone will stay and help-even if it seems like an impossible situation. Without her we wouldn’t have gone as far as we did today. Thank you Ms. Weaver. :)

Ava Ramos

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