Student Nomination Story

It all started on September 16th, 2018. I was giving my speech on why I should be chosen as my schools FFA ( future farmers of America ) chapter treasurer in front of a panel of judges. On the panel there was a Language Arts and Speech and Debate Teacher, Mrs. Shea, who I did not know at the time. A few days later I was sitting in the cafeteria when all of a sudden Mrs. Shea said she enjoyed my speech and noticed I had speaking skills that she could help me improve and invited me to join speech and debate. My initial reaction when she invited me was “ who is this teacher and why does she want me to join her club “. Well next Wednesday I was sitting after school in her class from 3:50-5:00 for Speech and Debate meeting. I am proud to tell you this is my 2nd year being on the Speech and Debate team witch I have loved and excelled in thanks to her. I am thrilled she invited me and I decided to join that meeting. Mrs. Shea has led our team to numerous awards and she has taught students who couldn’t speak a word in front of a crowd to receiving 1st place at competitions. We have also placed 1st in middle school multiple times at the competition due to our high rankings from our coach. I decided to take the class half a semester during my 7th grade year . I constantly noticed the quality learning involved in the classes. Mrs. Shea was super engaged with her students and never EVER gives up on any of them because she believes every one of her students has the opportunity of achieving something bigger than themselves. She would host interactive speeches and do debates with students while staying after school on her own time to make sure the students are finished with what they need to be successful. While unfortunately I never had her as a Laungauge Arts teacher, I had occasionally heard and watched her teach the class over these past 2 years. She has improved students scores on state test tremendously, while making the students who don’t want to do the work and don’t want to attend school a reflection on why it is important to complete your work and how school and your grades affect your future . I can say she is a mentor to many students and is the reason many students including myself will achieve something bigger. I personally have excelled at many speech and debate tournaments thanks to Mrs. Shea, not only have I excelled when I have been overwhelmed she has took her time to help me relax and figure out my next step. She has also helped me identify my weaknesses and taught me how to improve them witch is crucial to my success. I have seen Mrs. Shea at school before and after almost every day because she truly cares about her students, the staff and administration around her, and her school itself. I personally had a big test I was studying for that could affect my future choices. Gratefully, my teacher took the time after and before school even on a Sunday morning to teach me skills I need to know to succeed on it! Mrs. Shea truly deserves something remarkable, she is an amazing teacher and leader in our school sand she has made the biggest impact on mine and many other students lives and her years of teaching. I can promise you I wouldn’t be the leader, speaker, activist, and student I am today if it wasn’t for Mrs. Shea. When looking at all the other amazing nominees please keep my teacher in mind. I believe she is the greatest teacher in the world she has changed our school greatly, while achieving academic success and demonstrating a positive environment with quality learning. She really does so much for our students and our staff it truly is amazing she is a gift!

Taylor Thigpen

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