Student Nomination Story

My journey in high school was a tumultuous one, to say the least. I struggled heavily with depression, anxiety, and several forms of social fears which crippled my ability to perform as a student. I found myself knee-deep into drug abuse and I was at one of the lower points in my life. I did, however, find great comfort in Mrs. Proffit's class, I was able to find comfort in a manner that I hadn't felt in school. I remember being so nervous asking out my girlfriend at the time to a school dance and I asked her outside of Mrs. Proffit's room because I felt safe there. However the greatest impact has been seeing how much good she does for the community outside of her classroom, I get to see via Social media, that her care and appreciation goes far outside her class. Recently there has been a Global scare about the new Coronavirus Mrs. Proffit has been personally making sure that not only her students but all students are able to get food that is inaccessible outside of the school. This is the type of teacher that takes the spirit of the job far beyond the call of duty, someone who is single-handedly shaping our future generations for years to come. Thank you, Mrs. Proffit, for everything you have done and will continue to do.

Ian Atkinson

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