Student Nomination Story

From freshman year to now, my senior year, I’ve had a lot of teachers at Arrowhead School. Some of them I noticed more than others. Some of them I talked to more than others. Within my senior year, there’s one teacher in particular that has helped me more than she probably knows. Her name is Mrs. Pfeiffer. Mrs. Pfeiffer might not know this, but everytime that she and I talk it makes my day. I had her as my study hall supervisor for my tenth hour study hall. At first, I just saw her as just another study hall supervisor. I would go to her for attendance and then either do my homework or talk to friends. Gradually throughout the semester, we started to talk more and soon enough she gave me a nickname, AC. This made me feel happy. I am really happy that I started talking to her because it made me think about some of the stuff that we have in common. During study halls, we would talk about different topics. Some days we would talk about how our days were going. Other days we would talk about movies and tv shows like Marvel related shows. I love talking to her because she talks to me as if we were friends and not as teacher and student. A friend of mine had mentioned the other day, when Mrs. Pfeiffer and I had talked, that we seemed close and that made me think about how much I talk to her and what I talk to her about. I realized that my friend was right. I remember one specific day where I was having a hard time. I had gotten into an argument with one of my friends the night before. During study hall, I had my head against the table and my hood was up because I wasn’t feeling like talking with anyone. Not many people had asked me whether I was okay or not throughout the entire day, but Mrs. Pfeiffer noticed. Normally I’m really happy and talkative with my friends, but that day I wasn’t. Mrs. Pfeiffer came up to me and asked if I was okay. That moment meant a lot to me because someone noticed I was struggling. I still talk to her everyday. A lot of the time when I see her I’ll say hi to her and she’ll say hi back. Right before I leave school I always stop and talk to her. I always go up to her and say the same thing everyday, “Hi, Mrs. Pfeiffer. How was your day?” We’ll talk about the new Marvel movies or shows that’ll come out soon or have come out already. From freshman year to now, my senior year, I’ve had a lot of teachers at Arrowhead School. Mrs. Pfeiffer was one of the teachers that has made an impact on me at school. She makes my day more interesting and we have some of the best conversations. I love talking to her at the end of my school days and I hope we keep in touch in the future.

Alaina Chirafisi

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