Student Nomination Story

Honoring Ms. Nunez- When we started distant learning this year we didn't know what to expect. How would our kid be proficient at learning? How will he be engaged digitally? Lots of different questions went through our minds on "how/if" this whole thing would work. Fast forward to the end of September, we feel Ms. Nunez has engaged our kid better than ever. He enjoys waking up and getting on the computer to learn for the day. Austin tells me he likes school and he enjoys learning from his teacher. In fact, he has already begun to speak Spanish in our predominant English household. Ms. Nunez has made it fun for the kids, not only is she teaching the dual immersion program, but also she has taught the kids how to do zoom meetings, use a PC and work with/in multiple portals. Awesome job Ms. Nunez with being patient with Austin and guiding him to be more successful in the future. You are a real classroom Super Hero. Flores Family

Austin Flores

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