Student Nomination Story

Ms. Neumann is the single greatest teacher I've ever had, which is why I googled any award I can nominate her for in order to bring to light all the wonderful things that she's done. She is my 4th hour choir teacher, and has helped me to fall in love with singing even more than I already had. She teaches in a way that is fun and helps students to enjoy themselves, but also teaches about music theory, sight reading, and the correct way to sing, so that we improve significantly over the course of the year. She is kind and patient and caring and a perfect model for what a teacher should be. If more teachers can be like her, the world would be a better place. This year has been very difficult for me personally, and she has noticed that, called me into her office and comforted me while I cried about whatever was troubling me at the time. I know that she has done this with many other students, any of her students can tell you that a similar thing has happened to them or they know someone that it has. She makes people want to come to her to make them feel better. She is a safe presence and a helpful soul. She encourages students in everything they do, be it choir related or not. She wants students to thrive, does her best to help then find what it is they have a true passion for, and is so good at doing so while seeming more of a friend than a teacher. She is so good at teaching that some people are in multiple of her hours because they had a free spot, and wanted more of the goodness that she offers to everyone she meets. This may not be the best page you've read, but it's super important to me that she gets the recognition that she deserves, so please seriously consider doing whatever you can to honor her. Thank you, Aidan Morgan.

Aidan Morgan

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