Student Nomination Story

My friend Kambria and I had her in 3rd grade as a long term substitue, since our teacher went on maternity leave. She was just a sub. But she was more than just a sub to us. She was our favorite teacher our whole elementary life. She was very caring and loving towards us. We learned many acedemic and life lessons/skills from her. Even though we only didn have her for the whole shcool year, she had a huge impact on our lives. For example, Kambria and I would goof off and we were very silly, but she was still very patient with us and you never would have thought this was her first year teaching. She was the one who taught us how to make goals and follow through on them. All in all, Ms. Dieter deserves to be picked becuase she was a very amazing teacher, and would be greatly benefitted if she got this nomination. Thanks, Kambria & Ashlyn

Ashlyn Beasley

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