Student Nomination Story

We knew from the moment we went to open house at the start of the school year, that Mrs. Sporer was going to be the perfect teacher for Alice. Boy were we right. She is kind, compassionate, loves her students and truly cares if they succeed. She keeps in close contact with the parents using the remind app and sends accolades, reminders, notes and photos often. She encourages her students to be creative and has said many times that Alice asks "amazing questions", when others may say Alice asks too many questions. Alice is a ball of energy and somehow Mrs. Sporer can channel that energy into creativity and learning. Alice started second grade a bit behind in reading. Mrs. Sporer was very encouraging to her. When Alice was out sick for a few days Mrs. Sporer call to check in on her with sincere concern. I have never seen Mrs. Sporer with out a smile and Alice has never come home and said the class was yelled at or had gotten in trouble as she has with other teachers. Mrs. Sporer is patient, understanding, fair and has a genuinely true and kind heart. I vividly have fond memories of a few of my favorite teachers and think of how they shaped the person I am today. I'm grateful that our daughter Alice will have similar fond memories of such a warm, dedicated, skilled teacher. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, she was quick to share links, and give optional activities to do at home. Once it was decided that they would not return to school, she created a daily schedule for parents and students to follow, skyped with the students regularly and check in regularly with families to make sure all was okay. She make youtube videos with her chickens, dog and kids for her students to see while in quarantine. She played bingo through skype and gave out "no school work days" to the winners. Made slideshows of the students projects to share and praise the students. She was and continues to be very creative in her online programming. Alice was very sad to not be able to go to school during this time to see Mrs. Sporer, but because of Mrs. Sporer she will forever have good memories of this crazy, scary time in her life and history. Mrs. Sporer is the real deal, and deserves this Honor more than any other.

Maryalice Wagner

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