Student Nomination Story

I had never touched a field hockey stick up until the day before tryouts, I had made the team and Coach Jones got me on her team. Not only was I a lost freshman but Coach Jones was also new (she just moved here from a little town from Maryland). Freshman year was one to remember. Coming to games was fun but the practices bored me to death, I knew this was going to be a long season. After two months, the season was over. I said my goodbyes and didn't look back at field hockey once. Sophomore year I tried out for lacrosse, only to see Coach Jones taking notes. I skipped over to say hello and I could tell she was thrown off that I was there. With an “oh boy here we go again” look on her face, she laughed and said, “Hello McKenna.” Lo and behold, I was once again with coach Jones. This season, though, was more enjoyable than the last. Every practice Coach Jones showed up ready to make us run. While the team took laps around the campus Coach Jones would prepare us for our next drill as soon as we returned. Practice after practice, Jones helped me with my draws, stick skills, and my shots. All week, the team would work hard for our “Fun Friday” practices. She made practice enjoyable. I will never forget Jones hosting a pasta party at her house. At her gorgeous house, we ate food, then visited her chickens. To this day I joke with Coach Jones about her chickens. When the season came to an end, I was sad but ready for summer. Junior year tryouts came along; this time I was not shocked Coach Jones was in the gym. After tryouts, I saw for the third time I was with Coach Jones. I was ready for this season. Coach Jones has had me my whole high school career. This season was my best. Coach Jones relied on me during plays. I will never forget when we tied against another team with 15 seconds left, we HAD to win to get a chance in playoffs. I had a penalty shot. It was this goal or nothing, I looked across the field as she looked at me: “Take a deep breath and focus.” I swear the whole team could hear my heartbeat out of my chest. I shot, it flew in. I looked and she was jumping up and down; by the time we reset, the game was over. She gave me one of those half hugs that coaches give sweaty, smelly players. My last season was a season to remember! The season banquet came around and awards and getting on the stage was not my thing. I skipped the previous years ones but Coach Jones had yelled at me to make sure I was there. She had a wedding or some fun event and didnt come but I was there and her assistant coach was there to witness my attendance. It was our team first and we went on stage and stood there and Coach Connie talked about some funny times and then gave out awards. I got MVP, I was shocked. In my head I knew Coach Jones had thought of me when thinking of recipients and it warmed my heart. What a way to end an amazing season! Coach Jones will now be getting married but I will always call her Coach Jones. Thank you Coach for showing me love and patience and how to keep running even when I needed an after school nap. Thank you for encouraging me to be the best player I could be both off and on the field. Thank you for your uplifting words on the side of the feild and dealing with all of dumb injuries that I got. Thank you.

McKenna Krueger

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