Student Nomination Story

I remember my junior year soccer tryouts. I had never been worked so hard in my life; my shirt drenched in sweat, legs aching in pain, and my energy drained from the summer sun. My mind told me, give up, you already put enough work in. But Mr. Staus the Varsity Soccer Coach of Arrowhead High School pushed me harder and harder. The last day of tryouts came and I appeared scared and worried the work I put in would be for nothing. But Mr. Staus changed that for me; he gave me a chance to prove myself on and off the field. He told me, “if you wanna play, you will have to earn your playing time”. Mr. Staus my new coach changed my life with those words. I knew I had to work hard if I wanted to get playing time. Going into my junior season, I wasn’t sure what to expect; I mounted up to Varsity. Something I dreamed about. I worked hard because of the motivation coach Staus gave. I made sure I would give it all in practice and on the field. I developed into a better soccer player for my team—but the record wasn’t showing that. My junior season we finished 8-9-2. Both the returning varsity players and coach Staus knew we had to be better. Coach Staus pushed us to get better, stronger, and more fit in the off season. His determination for us to be better is what pushed me in the off season. I worked to become stronger, faster and better at the game I love. The hard work that I put in during that off season added up to be all because of my coach Mr. Staus. In the end it all paid off, it consisted of some of the best soccer I have ever played. We played as a team in every practice and game. This turned out to be all because of Mr. Staus, he made us become closer with each other everyday. My senior season we went 16-1-2. This composed of the best high school season I ever played, all thanks to my favorite soccer coach, Mr. Staus. Coach Staus is the most hard-working, honest, and helpful coach I have ever had. Coach Staus is so educated with the game of soccer it blows my mind. He focuses on such the little things that make me and the rest of the team better soccer players. Coach Staus made me look at the game of soccer in different ways that I couldn’t even imagine and I will be thankful for that.

Boden Blazek

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