Student Nomination Story

The beginning of my freshman year at Arrowhead High School, I scrambled trying to find my health and occupation room. As I stumbled in the door and the bell rang, he said hello and asked, “Are you supposed to be in health class?” I responded yes and he directed me to my seat, introducing himself as Mr. Staus. Mr. Staus brought a calm and fun environment to the classroom. He mentioned he had taken classes in leadership. Through the ways students learn in his classroom, you can see they are listening and he uses the strategies he learned, knowing students learn differently. He is engaging in the classroom, bringing every student into his lessons. Mr. Staus had something special about him. I couldn't put a finger on until one day. We were in the classroom speaking about human anatomy and someone said something inappropriate (but also funny). We figured this student’s day was over, but to our surprise, Mr. Staus laughed. More importantly, he made a joke back at the kid, lightening the mood. This is when I figured it out: Mr. Staus brought a father feel to the classroom. He was funny, accommodating, and he cared about each and every one of his students and their successes. Mr. Staus is also a father of four boys which sure takes a toll on him, but he never failed to bring excitement to the classroom. In my sophomore year, I had him for a class called coaching and officiating. This was a class at North campus, where the juniors and seniors are. Instantly, Mr. Staus recognized me and we caught up. I knew he cared about his students when he spoke about character in sports along with coaching. He proceeded to say, “Let’s take Josh for example. I had him for a semester and a half now and at the beginning he was a little shy and now he is a strong speaking, outgoing individual.” This told me he watched me develop and he paid attention to my growth. The most important thing I learned about Mr. Staus was that he is not only a respected teacher, but also the Arrowhead Soccer coach. I talked to his players, and they told me the same thing: he is an outstanding coach, and any player is lucky to play for him. There are few teachers in this school who I think deserve to be called coach outside their sport. I believe that coach has a much stronger meaning along with respect. However, I believe Mr. Staus deserves to be called coach outside his sport because of how dedicated, successful, and motivating he has been to everyone in this school. I am nominating Mr. Staus for the educator of the year award because I have never seen a teacher who is so passionate about his school, and who cares so much about the development of his players and students.

Josh Rudy

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