Student Nomination Story

Throughout my four years of high school and 12 years of formal education, the person that has impacted me the most, is you. You helped and educated me over the two years you were my teacher.with I can't thank you enough for that. The experience and knowledge you gave me in MEM and Woods is something I will be grateful for and use on a daily basis. The first thing I want to thank you for is how approachable you have been. Everytime I have a question (and I know I ask a lot of them) you are always willing to help me. Even though you have over 150 students each semester, I always felt you were there for me and willing to help show me what to do. Whether it's helping me cut a board or just answering a quick question on what type of material I was using, you always took the time to show me. Next, I want to thank you for how knowledgeable you are when it comes to engineering. In MEM sophomore year you talked about past experiences in the engineering industry. I found this to be interesting because you would tie your real world experiences back to projects we were working on. Whether it was welding the legs for the coffee table project sophomore year or how to cut an angle on the chop saw on my cornhole project, you always knew what to do and did an amazing job explaining it to me. Lastly, I want to thank you for being flexible when it comes to your free periods and on assignments. You were always willing to accommodate students if they missed a class or if they were slower than others. Also, I felt comfortable coming in during one of my free periods to finish a project or get some help. I know these are your planning periods but you were still always able to help me if I needed it. You made me feel like I was an important part of your class and that I was wanted there. The past four years of high school have flown by for me and I have enjoyed them tremendously. I have learned so much that will help me in the future but I believe the most important life skills I have learned from you. You have taught me to not be afraid to ask questions but also to try and fail on something. You taught me about a field I had no previous knowledge on and gave me a passion for wood-working I never thought I would have. Most of all, you have given me the knowledge and skills to feel comfortable in whatever I end up doing. For all of these, I thank you Mr. Luetschwager.

Michael Cummings

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