Student Nomination Story

Most students only get the four years that they are in high school to get to know their teachers; however I was given two extra years in seventh and eighth grade to work with the best teacher I have ever had. Mrs. Psket teaches Spanish two through AP Spanish at Arrowhead High School and I have had the opportunity to be in three of those classes with her. I first met Mrs. Psket in seventh grade when I would travel to the high school every morning to take Spanish two with her. I was the youngest kid in that class by at least two years because I was in an accelerated program. I was a seventh grader among ninth and tenth graders. It was really scary at first. Everyone was a giant to me. But, Mrs Psket looked after me. She made sure I felt comfortable being in that scary and stressful situation. She would frequently check in on me and make sure I was doing alright. However she not only helped me with the social aspect of the class, but she also helped me with the academic part. Being so young in a high school class was not easy, and to be honest I probably wasn’t quite ready to do it, but she wanted to help me succeed. She helped me whenever she noticed that I looked like I was struggling even though I wasn’t the most cooperative student. In eight grade again I traveled to the high school every morning and took Spanish three with her. The class was very difficult, but I had grown used to being with older students and had even made some friends. That year, Mrs Psket continued to help me in times when I clearly needed it. My sophomore year I returned to her class for AP Spanish. This was easily my favorite class with her. I had so much fun and it was all because of Mrs. Psket. Throughout all of her classes she wanted to make learning Spanish fun and effective. She played movies that were culturally stimulating and had us play games that made grammar actually feel like a game. She had puzzles to learn new words and would give out prizes when students showed their new skills in little competitions. These are just some of the reasons why Mrs. Psket is a great teacher, but what truly makes her stand above the rest is her love for teaching. Every single day she had a smile on her face whenever the students walked into the classroom. She made sure to stand outside the class and greet every single student. Frequently having a short conversation with them or asking how their day is going. She genuinely has a vested interest in every single one of her students. She is the type of person to act strong to help others even when she may not be. She is the type of teacher who cares and understands. She makes it her personal mission to help every student achieve their full potential in class.

Carlos Gamino

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