Student Nomination Story

I only had him for one year, but he is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. He cares deeply for his students and their learning, and will even ask us what he can do to make learning more enjoyable, and to make us feel more comfortable in class. He asks for feedback on what helped and didn’t help in class, or for certain assignments as well. He finds creative ways to teach his material, whether that be by acting it out/creating a live demonstration, or connecting personal stories with the material. I wasn’t even all that interested in learning the material for anatomy and physiology, and as a student I hadn’t had a class where learning was actually fun, but his class changed all that for me. I looked forward to learning more and more about the human body, and a lot of the information still sticks with me today. He was, and still is an amazing teacher that I love to keep in touch with.

Madison Smith

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