Student Nomination Story

Last year, my son cried before school and coming out of school. He constantly said he thought he was stupid, it was so heartbreaking to us as parents. The principal reassured us that his 6th grade teacher would change everything as she’d seen it before and we took it with a grain of salt. The first day of school this year we saw the difference in him. He came out of school excited and happy and telling us about his day. As the year has progressed we’ve seen him flourish and believe that it’s all down to his amazing teacher. He has won the STARS award and the PBIS award within the last month. His grades are incredibly improved and most importantly HE’S SO HAPPY! He quotes his teacher at home and talks about how he wants to do well in school, he’s excited about school and field trips and projects and even books they’re reading in class. We are so very grateful that this incredible teacher came into our son’s life.

Finn Woodruff

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