Student Nomination Story

At the age of only 7 I was diagnosed with social anxiety. In Fifth grade Mrs. Jenkins was my Science and Writing teacher. In that year I was experiencing high levels of anxiety, I couldn't stand in front of the class without crying. She changed that. One day in my English class, this kid made fun of me, by calling me a baby for never sharing with the class. I ran out of the class in tears, completely insulted by what that kid said. I was sitting in the hallway sobbing and the principal found me. She took me to Mrs Jenkins classroom to calm down before I headed back to class. I was standing outside of the class and Mrs. Jenkins came out. She hugged me and said "I know, You'll be okay." those words were the most comforting anyone could ask for. I told her about my social anxiety and she accepted me when no one else would. Later that day, I was in her class , and we had to do a presentation to the class. When it was my turn , she cheered me on. I took a deep breath and did my presentation and somehow, at that moment I felt comfortable sharing with the class. When I finished she clapped for me, and the smile on her face that day changed my whole entire life. From that day on, she was there for me in the background cheering me on. To this day whenever I am discouraged i just remember that day when my own teacher hugged me and smiled at my differences. Mrs. Jenkins had a very fun and creative way of teaching. One day for science, we were learning about rain shadows, she made posters for us to move around and show a visual representation of how a rain shadow is created. Mrs. Jenkins goes out of the way for her students. Every year in 5th grade we would do something called Wax Museum ,where you would get a famous person to write about and dress up as for the project. she went out of her way to get us all things for our costumes, she didn't even have to but she did. Mrs. Jenkins is the most amazing and inspiring teacher any kid could ever ask for. She needs to be reconised.

Olivia Hageness

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