Student Nomination Story

My Name is Malik Harris, I have loved music all my life, even before Mrs. Berry came into my life. W. A. Young is a great school, but it became an even better school, for me, when Mrs. Berry. Mrs. Berry and I had/have a strong connection and she always tells her students to keep there Head up and that if they believe it they will be able to do it. Before I met Mrs. Berry, I would have this doubt that I wasn't good enough or that I couldn't achieve my big "Music Goals". But sure enough, when Mrs. Berry Came into my life I instantly change. I found myself auditioning in things that I would not usually audition for. With Mrs. Berry's help and guidance I became the 1st, and so far, only North Carolina Student to be accepted into the OAKE National Chorus. Mrs. Berry helped me grow and an even stronger passion for music. Because of Mrs. Berry's core teachings, skills, and guidance I now successfully play French Horn (Which is proven to be the hardest brass instrument to play). I am so grateful for Mrs. Berry believing in me, telling me I can do it, and being that motivator that will always have a special place in my heart.

Malik Harris

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