Student Nomination Story

When I first came to North Lake it was around the end of the seventh grade. The reason I arrived so late in the school year was that I previously went to a school called in Alberta, Canada. My father received a job opportunity that he couldn’t refuse. At first, the move was hard and once I went back to school I had to make new friends again and after you have been to ten different schools in eleven years you start to get tired of meeting new people every year. Mrs. O helped me a lot through my time at North Lake. Mrs. Osowski was my homeroom teacher, but we call her Mrs. O because it was easier for everyone. She taught 7th and 8th-grade social studies, and she was always there for someone when they needed help with either school or life. Mrs. O was not only helpful for me but the other students by making sure that if we didn’t do so well on a test she would always have us come back and re-do the test and she would take the higher score. Another reason that I respected Mrs. O was that she would always show the class movies that were based on historical moments. Also, Mrs. O would always have snacks and food in her class on special occasions, and if someone in the class was allergic to gluten or peanuts she would always have extra food for them. Mrs. O wasn’t just an excellent teacher because she had food, candy, and movie days (It also didn’t hurt that we had fun in class), she was a good teacher because she had us remember everything she ever taught us throughout not only mine but my fellow classmates years at North Lake. And Mrs. O had this special way for us to remember dates and historical events, it was by making school fun. Even to this day as I am a sophomore at Arrowhead High School, during class I am able to answer questions on topics that we have never gone through before in that class because of Mrs. O. And I will forever be grateful for all of the hard work and effort that she put in for teaching me and my fellow classmates (Because it must have been stressful teaching a bunch of 13-year-olds).

Lilliana Ruiz-Alvarado

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