Student Nomination Story

Every single person has their good and their bad teachers; the teachers that actually help you and the teachers that you swear are out to get you. I used to be really bad at math. I didn’t understand anything about math in sixth grade. When I got to seventh grade Ms. Loftis taught me how to do math in a different way that was easy for me. She helped me get better at math and understand that what she taught me would help me for the more advanced things. She taught in different ways that made sense to everyone, and didn’t move on from a subject until everyone understood it. Basically, she taught at the pace of the students and she didn’t rush through everything like most teachers. What she taught helped to prepare for more advanced math, which I’m very good at now. She knew how to teach all the students with all different ways of learning. This is why I'm honoring her for being my teacher.

Shirlene Gonzalez

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