Student Nomination Story

Mrs Heine is one incredible teacher she goes above and beyond for her students she loves each and everyone of them and loves for them to succeed in everything they do she has helped my child in so many ways that I could not explain how grateful I am for her and how she loves my child and has helped her achieve so many things this year she truly is amazingMy Rianna has struggled in so many ways with school and now she has the confidence this year and is so happy and she loves Mrs. Heine so much she doesn’t even want to leave her. We definitely need more teachers like her .We could go on and on about how great she is she has also been my sons teacher and he will tell to this day she is still his favorite teacher Also when you have a child that has a iep and struggles so much with reading and you go from a 1 grade level and jump up to a 4 grade in just one year that truly is amazing and you see your baby girl in tears about the school year ending and doesn’t want to leave her teacher you know she is Incredible.

Rianna Reyes

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