Student Nomination Story

I can't thank Mr. B enough for the impact he has made on my life in only one school year. He is the heart of a music program that has an extreme thirst for excellence in the performing arts. Mr. B gets up before 5 a.m. every day to come and teach the next generation of musicians in diverse areas of instrumental music study. In total Mr. B is responsible for three jazz bands, three wind ensembles, and a great pep band program. In conjunction with these amazing opportunities, Mr. B organizes various gigs for students to play and gifts us with opportunities to see amazing concerts of professional musicians that never cease to inspire children. In only one year I have met many inspirational musicians, including Roxy Coss, Harlem Quartet, Brian Lynch. Mr. B also drives kids to participate in award winning combos, chamber groups, youth symphonies, and other groups. It has been such a privilege to be taught under this amazing teacher. In addition, Mr. B honors diversity, has taught me many life lessons, loves each and every student individually, and strives to push students for excellence.

Alexander Aaby

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