Student Nomination Story

Keeping myself motivated is a struggle, hindering my grades and learning since beginning highschool. I’m interested in what I study in school but despite that, never motivated to do more with the things that I am learning. However, one teacher inspired me and helped me overcome this and that teacher is Mr. P, my high school music theory and band teacher. In the first semester of class I was lost, almost every person in the room played an instrument and was able to learn most theory concepts through that instrument, but I had not played any instrument since junior high. Through my struggles in the beginning Mr. P was very approachable, compassionate, and helpful, checking in on those who struggle in order to catch them up with the rest of the class. I’m awful at getting help from teachers, but Mr. P’s class is different. The atmosphere in the room is warmer, and discussions in class feel like chatting with a good friend. Every Monday as soon as class starts, instead of jumping straight into the lesson like most teachers we hear the familiar “Hey guys, how was your weekend?” and somehow despite there being hundreds of students in different classes, how MY weekend went was a priority. Not only is Mr. P supportive and sympathetic, but also impactful and inspiring. I am incredibly inspired to improve as a musician/composer, and inspired to improve at all other passions in my life as a result. Mr. P’s class is the sole reason I am determined to learn to play the piano. I’ve learned to find joy in creating and playing music as a result of Mr. P’s class, and piano is one of the outlets for that joy. Thank you, Mr. P for letting me find myself, and learn to motivate myself to accomplish many incredible things within my lifetime.

Jacob Needles

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