Student Nomination Story

Mrs. Loescher is a tall, sweet, and one of the kindest teachers you will ever meet! I met Mrs. Loescher when I was moving into fourth grade to North Lake School. Mrs. Loescher teaches literacy (otherwise known as English). She’s very informing and awe-inspiring when she teaches, because she teaches the material in a way that makes me want to know or learn more. She was eager for me to learn and I was as well! Mrs. Loescher made this move into fourth grade feel so much easier than I expected. I was extremely nervous. But after I met Mrs. Loescher, I felt comfortable, and I really appreciated that! She would always let the class eat snacks, and we had the best learning experience possible. Mrs. Loescher was always super positive and had a good attitude no matter what. Even when a student was not on their best behavior, Mrs. Loescher would handle the situation calmly. For example, if a kid would talk without raising his hand and Mrs. Loescher would simply respond and tell the student to “only speak when called on,” and she did a good job with it, and impressed the entire class every time! Therefore, she taught us the proper way to speak to people without being rude or mean. Mrs. Loescher would always encourage me to do my best and try my hardest. She had this box of rewards that was always a mystery to what the class was going to get because she made you reach your hand in the box and pick something out without looking inside. This system made me feel that I needed to do my best to be given a reward, so I tried my best and got some good and some okay rewards along the way: a candy bar or a bouncy ball or a Hot Wheels. Overall the reward system taught me if I do good in life, good things will come to me or be rewarded to me. Mrs. Loescher was always really funny about the rewards. Mrs. Loescher is an innovative, positive, and intelligent teacher that loves teaching students in a fun filled way!

Noah Forsterling

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