Student Nomination Story

Mrs. Loescher By: Lindsey Schmidt My 6th grade year, I struggled. Looking back on it now, I wonder how I could have possibly struggled being at the ripe old age of 12, but I did. I remember how frustrated my parents and teachers were because I never did my work. On paper it sounds like I was just lazy, but I was not lazy. I was unmotivated and burnt out. I hit somewhat of a rock bottom when it came to grades and schoolwork until Mrs. Loescher expressed her concern for me. She asked me why I never did any of my work. She was the first and only teacher to ask me personally what was going on rather than assuming that I was lazy. I cried in her classroom after school. She didn't pry. She just sat with me. Just her presence was so calming and reassuring. She helped me get back on my feet by sacrificing her time to work with me almost every day. No teacher, even to this day, has ever sacrificed as much as she did for me. She stayed at school late at least 3 days a week to work with me, knowing that she didn't have to. On the final day of the school year, I stayed after for hours, finishing everything I could, praying that I could just pass; I needed to make her and my parents proud. I passed. Allowing me to stay after school and letting me know that you were there for me is what kept me motivated. Being in 6th grade makes it seem like it might not have been so revolutionary, but as a high school Junior, when I lose my motivation and get overwhelmed, I'm always brought back to that same classroom, that same pit in my stomach, and the same feelings of being a failure– you taught me that i'm not a failure as long as I'm trying. I remember the way you treated me and remind myself that sometimes help is the right thing to do and there's never any reason to be ashamed when something becomes too overwhelming. When my creative writing teacher announced that we would be writing about an educator that changed my life, the only teacher I thought of was Mrs. Loescher. Everything that she did for me completely changed my view on educators and learning. If she hadn’t done what she did for me, I would probably still have a sour view on teachers. I am forever grateful for Mrs. Loescher and words cannot begin to express how much she has impacted my life. So, thank you Mrs. Loescher.

Lindsey Schmidt

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