Student Nomination Story

My teacher has been there for me and has taught me so many new and exciting things. She has helped me grow personally and academically. She inspires me to be my all time best. She is so funny, kind, caring, stylish and AMAZING! Mrs. Cibrano deserves to win!

Grace Laboni

My teacher changed my life SO much. She is my favorite teacher. I am so HAPPY that that I have Mrs. Cibrano as my teacher. I don't know what I would ever do if she wasn't my teacher. She is so nice and kind. She loves all of us so and we all love her back. I can't describe how happy and how thankful I am for her. THANK YOU MRS. CIBRANO.

Samantha Friedman

My teacher inspired me. I used to get low grades because I freaked out about tests but then she helped me through it. Now I am getting 5/5 and 100% on my tests. She has the best outfits and the best sarcasm. She is funny and pretty. She is my teacher and I am proud. I want her to win because she deserves it.

Leora Hansen

Mrs. Cibrano has been very nice and kind to all of her student. She teaches 6th grade and she is very warm hearting and loving. She has always loved her student. Since the beginning of her teaching she has been a huge impact to all of her student, she loves them all and we all love her back!

Daniel Zelaya

Mrs. Cibrano is the BEST!!!!!! I love having you as a teacher. She teaches the language arts and is an amazing teacher! She always brings a smile to our faces, and always brightens up our days at school. When I found out I had you in homeroom I was ecstatic!! I always look up to the school years, and I looked up to this one the most!!

Bella Cincinelli

Mrs. Cibrano is the kindest, most supportive teacher I've ever had. She has taught me, not only Language arts, but how to be a better person. Mrs. Cibrano has picked me and my class up when we're down. She welcomed me in the kindest way possible and she is literally THE BEST teacher ever!!!!! That's why should win the prize of being the best teacher ever, because OBVIOUSLY she deserves it.

Nicole Snow

My teacher has changed my life by being one of the best teachers ever. She introduced Chromebooks into my life. She is one of the best teachers ever and I will cherish the rest of the school year with her.

Robert Regan

She has made me like reading and is good at teaching subjects.

Bryan Tirado

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