Student Nomination Story

Mrs. Kablan has been an amazing teacher, and is so hard-working, and incredible. Not only does she juggle the hardships of being a parent with teaching, but at the same time, she teaches AP Biology, which requires tons of dedication, both from the student and teacher sides. In our school, which (quite honestly) lacks funds, she’s found different ways to teach lessons, and have them be engaging to a certain degree. When a certain lab would’ve cost around $20 per student, she improvised, and created an identical lab that cost a quarter of the price per student. After taking her AP class, I feel that I have an incredible grasp on biology, and that I can do extremely well on the AP test as a result of her lessons and her persistent dedication to teaching the subject. Through the toughest parts of this year, which were emotionally, physically, and parentally strenuous, she pushed me to keep going and get assignments in, scheduled practice tests, and been overall accommodating. It’s helped an incredible amount, and she’s truly an amazing teacher. I don’t think I’ll come close to having this good of a science teacher ever again, especially not one that is as dedicated as she is. She deserves as much credit as possible and all of the awards imaginable, and I truly wish her all the best.

Harrison Ford

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