Student Nomination Story

My name is Defne Ekici and I am a junior at Farragut High School. I am writing to you regarding Holly Kelly- the best teacher I have ever had. I know what you guys are thinking: the term “favorite teacher” is so overused that it has lost meaning to it, and sure, everyone can have a favorite teacher, but let me tell you this: I have had several amazing teachers throughout the 11 years I have been in school, and I have never felt the urge to contact the school board about any one of them. I had Mrs. Kelly the spring semester of the 2018-2019 school year for honors anatomy and physiology, and going into that class, I couldn’t have even dreamed of a teacher as influential, dedicated, and energetic as the one I was lucky enough to have. You might be asking yourself what sets my favorite teacher apart from the next student’s, and that is exactly what the purpose of this email is. Mrs. Kelly is an educator; she wants her class to learn, not just get an A and move on. She respects her students and the different ways people process information. Mrs. Kelly recognizes that one student may benefit from power points, while another is a hands-on learner. Every unit, she would gather different strategies to deliver information to her students. Concept maps, notes from powerpoints, labs, lab practicals, worksheets, diagrams, mnemonics, daily retention quizzes, class discussions, you name it, and Mrs. Kelly had it in her lesson plan. She pushes her students to be the very best they can. Mrs. Kelly sees potential in every one of her students, she knows we can all be very successful, and when we are, her eyes light up. She cares about the kids more than anything, and that is why she is such an amazing teacher. Mrs. Kelly not only prepares her students academically, but also connects with each one on a personal level. Her classroom is an environment where our mistakes are not seen negatively, but seen as ways to learn and grow. Her class is accepting and humorous. She builds bonds and strong relationships. If anyone were to ask me who my favorite person was, It would definitely be her. The relationship Mrs. Kelly and I have is by far one of the strongest ones I have had with anyone. She takes the time to get to know each student. She incorporates outside hobbies and interests into anatomy. She uses analogies about basketball, or examples from T.V. shows her students have seen, and that, to me, is just as significant as how well she can teach. I don’t know if any if you have had the privilege of walking in during one of Mrs. Kelly’s classes, but anyone who has, can definitely feel a change in the atmosphere. Mrs. Kelly is definitely the one person I know I can trust with my secrets, she is the person I trust with my education, she is the person I trust with my future. Hopefully, this was able to highlight how amazing my favorite teacher is, and will maybe help her get the recognition she deserves. Thank you for your time.

Defne Ekici

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