Student Nomination Story

I want this to be anonymous but I will give clues throughout to see if you can guess. Being one of Ms. Blair's past students she has really helped me grow. I have learned so much her teaching us science. I remember having so much fun in her class. I remember making tons of skits and songs. She does a great job getting us to get to do many different activities such as building the spirt of Ashley Hall our mini boat through educational passages that made it all the way to the Silly Islands. I remember having so much fun building the boat even if the resin did smell. :) Also, going to Washington D.C was so fun even if she didn’t get to be my chaperone. I really miss getting to see her every day. Especially on Fridays because our study hall was the best. Getting to draw our White House or holding the Guinea pigs. I really miss getting to do all these great things. She really helped me adjust to Ashley Hall and I’m so grateful for that. She still treats me like one of her students which makes her even better. She does her best for each and everyone of her students.


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