Student Nomination Story

Mr. Savit is an amazing math teacher. He teaches Pre-Calc. He is persistent and whenever I have a question he answers it. He constantly motivates me. He understands me too. He knows that I am not a good test taker, and he grades me holistically basing it on me going up to the class and participating, asking the right questions, participation, completing homework, which I find nice of him because many teachers would just use an online grading system. The way he teaches is amazing because he builds off of topics and the way he teaches the math is fun, interesting and builds off of topics really well-- meaning he transitions to new topics really well. The reason why I find Mr. Savit as an amazing and inspirational teacher is because understands his students well and it is hard to find teachers like that. This is why I honor him for this award.

Nasim Almuntaser

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