Student Nomination Story

"Don't let anyone ever Steal your Sunshine", (Adella Hummel, Kindergarten) My Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Mallegni has helped me learn how to read and write, deal with older kids on the playground, and taught me how to make the best of my day. She always knew when I was having trouble with my friends at school and would talk with us because she always says that sometimes it "blurs" our goals and makes it more difficult to learn if we're having "buddy problems". She taught our classroom about "working out our problems together first and if you can't find a solution, find a teacher," my friends would tell on each other too much. Mrs. Mallegni helped us solve our own problems during "centers and circle time". I can now go to first grade with more confidence in myself because I know how to read, get along with my friends and I know how to stand up for myself and others! I love school because of my teacher!

Adella Hummel

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