Student Nomination Story

Luckett is one of my favorites. When you're sad he always has something to say to make you smile and laugh. He is always there to make sure your day is going to be better after his class. He's always the motivation I need!

LaPorte Student

Luckett has always helped me. He helps me understand my work. He is always respectful to everyone. He explains the work and he makes sure you understand it. If you are upset, he makes you smile. He is a really good teacher.

LaPorte Student

Even when I am at my darkest and downest days, Luckett always tells me to not give up and he pushes me even when I am mad. He always finds a way to make me smile. When he sees me not doing work, he always tells me to do it so that I can be something in this life. I love Luckett. I hope he stays here forever and watches me leave.

G. Warren

Mr. Luckett cares and helps. He tells you how you can make a living and things you can and should do. He's also smart respectful and funny.


My favorite teacher is Mr. Luckett. He's always known how to cheer me up. He comes to work every day, not for a paycheck but because he cares. He told me one day that he can't stay away from work too long or he worries about us. He's funny and kind-hearted, and always tells the truth and wants to do the right thing. He's an amazing role model.


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