Student Nomination Story

Mr Bisbee Tom Meyer, grade 11 I took biology my sophomore year at Arrowhead and was dreading it. Science classes were always my weakest subject. The first day of class I was greeted by Mr. Bisbee, a roughly 6´1 man with rectangular glasses and a colorful tie. Mr. Bisbee´s class was what I thought was going to be my least favorite class as he was very by the book. His class was occupied largely by lecture and note taking. I thought it was the worst thing ever. But then my grades started coming in and I was appalled, though science was typically not my strong suit. I never did so poorly on a test I studied for. I met him after the next class ¨Let me see your notes¨. I hand him my notebook and he flips through it for a few seconds before looking back at me ¨You got the grade you did on that test because of the notes you were taking, let me help you”. I took his advice and began applying it to my other courses. School felt so much easier, my head felt clearer. That's what I appreciate most about his class. He would make no effort to make the work easy but going through the difficult work I found myself happier. I found this to be true in nearly every aspect of my life. Before Mr. Bisbee´s class I would simply be going through the motions at school, barely passing classes but as soon as I started appreciating the work I was doing I was able to prosper. Though some days in his class were hard and others were long it was blatantly apparent that Mr. Bisbee truly cared about everything he was teaching. Something about learning from someone who is passionate about teaching enters the subconscious mind resulting in an undying yearning for understanding. It's this part of learning that makes me feel human. I will remember Mr. Bisbee was not only a supremely talented biology teacher but also a teacher of good habits for life. I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to take his class for a year. For the lessons he taught me would have likely taken years for me to learn on my own. Because of Mr. Bisbee I am able to enjoy my time at school for now I feel comfortable with learning.


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