Student Nomination Story

Being an educator requires hard work and passion, no matter the subject. When I picture an amazingly dedicated educator, my choir teacher, Mrs. Bielski, comes to mind. She teaches music for grades 9 through 12 at Arrowhead High School. It would be impossible to spend a day in her class, and not be able to truly see how many students admire her. If she is gone, you will without a doubt hear three or more students shout, “Where’s Mrs. B?!” I’ve had Mrs. Bielski as an educator for almost two years now, and she continues working harder and harder. If anyone didn’t believe in Mrs. Bielski’s dedication before, they’ve definitely realized it this school year. Towards the start of this particular school year, Mrs. B revealed some vital information. She silenced the room, and readied for a serious announcement. It seemed strange with no context because although Mrs. Bielski is passionate, she is also quirky and humorous in class. Once complete silence was achieved, she spoke the words nobody expected to hear, “I’m pregnant.” Immediately, loud cheering emerged from the room. Before she knew it, the question of the month became, “How long will you be gone, Mrs. B?!”. Interrogation arose like wildfire from the class. But staying true to her carefree nature, she nonchalantly answered, “I have no idea, but I’m here right now!” It is clear to see that even in critical points in life where Mrs. B has to make important decisions, she remains easygoing, with a beaming smile on her face lighting the class up. There is no denying her dynamic work ethic. This woman puts countless hours into the music program for high school students that she wants to help, even while she’s pregnant. Both Mrs. Bielski and Mr. Chaviano are responsible for finding music, planning Arrowhead performances, and rehearsing sections with students until every last bit is ready for the stage; in Broadway Company, Mrs. B and Mr. C are also responsible for choreography and costuming. In fact, one day Mrs. Bielski had came to school with a bleeding ear, and couldn’t hear out of it. She still directed the choir, all while laughing and trying to brush off the situation as ‘gross’. There is no pondering that she came to teach with numerous other complications on other days as well. That is motivating. However, the fact that Mrs. Bielski continued to share her passion for music while she was pregnant is not the only reason I believe she should get recognition; her personality is the biggest reason our choir class comes alive. She can be pregnant, have a responsibility of teaching a multitude of music courses/programs, and have two children at home… all while keeping up a bubbly attitude, quirky at heart. I don’t know how I would be able to handle that, and I hope one day I can take on as much as Mrs. Bielski does.

Megan Lickel

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