Student Nomination Story

I murmured to her “I don’t think I can do it.” My smile soon turned and I began to release my deathgrip on my emotion. Swollen tears filled the corners of my eyes. Mrs. Bielski’s cheery smile dropped like a flat line in exchange for a worried face. I remember her guiding me to her office, sitting me down across from her. She didn’t ignore me or walk away to do her own work. She stopped, and sat with me–letting me cry. Normally I hate to cry in front of people. I feel too vulnerable. But at that moment, I let my walls fall. She was like a mother. Listening. Understanding. Caring. “What is meant for me, won't pass me.” she affirmed to me. I will never forget the wise words she told me that day. When I first met Mrs. Bielski, I was a freshman in her Treble Choir class at Arrowhead; in an instant, she immediately became my favorite teacher. From freshman to junior year, Mrs. B became one of my regular teachers during my sophomore year as I joined Broadway Company, the competitive theater group at Arrowhead Highschool. I was able to see more of the person that she really is. She was an energetic, bright and absolutely hilarious woman; but she’s not only a teacher, but also a loving and caring mother as well. She doesn’t have to tell me how much she adores her kids and family based on how she glows when talking about them during class. But aside from her own family, she is also heavily invested in her Broadway Company students. She cares about each student as if they were a child of her own. No matter the time of day, she is dedicated to her work, music, and students. I find it fascinating to watch her engage passionately when she plays music on the piano. I remember walking past the choir room one afternoon and I could hear her playing. When her fingers hit the keys, she doesn’t just play the music, she plays it as if she was living through chord and note. I stared and just listened to her play. I am always captivated by her talent and devotion to music and I can’t help but smile. She is inspirational. I don’t think I could ever get bored talking with Mrs. B, especially while we’re sitting in her office chatting a storm, totally forgetting about the original intent of the conversation and losing track of time. But sometimes our conversations aren’t always funny or interesting. Sometimes Mrs. B will just listen. She’ll take time and listen. Whether it's a cry for help or needed advice, she is always there with an open door, open chair, and open ears. Mrs. Bielski is the passionate, dedicated, caring, hilarious, and spunky person I aspire to be someday. Thank you, Mrs. Bielski, for making me push through my worries and challenges and for giving me the right advice when I was lost. Thank you for teaching me self-worth and compassion. Forever grateful, I thank you for the impact you have made on my life and helping myself decide my future college career to study music education and become a music teacher. I will forever cherish these moments with Mrs. Bielski. She is one of a kind.

Nora Perugini

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